Testimonial – 2 “My husband and I highly recommend Donna as a trainer. She has helped us get our two dogs under control and always has many helpful ideas and suggestions at every training session. She has been working with us and our dogs for three months now and is always professional and even travels to our home on Sundays. Her rates are affordable and we have been extremely satisfied with her servicers. She is very qualifield, easy to work with and knowledgeable.”
Robin & Greg Lindsey  Lancaster, Ohio

Testimonial – 3 “We would highly recommend Donna for training. She is professional, consistent, and connects with our dog, Fluffy, very well. Donna explains the training process clearly, and her lessons build on each other in a way that Fluffy (and we) can follow. Fluffy loves to work with Donna, and responds to her loving but firm direction. She gets very excited when Donna comes to the door. Donna makes sure Fluffy has learned at least one command well before she ends the lesson, and starts another one for us to work on with Fluffy during the week. It is clear to us that not only does Donna love dogs, she loves to teach and she does it well.” Val, EJ, Chris, and Fluffy
Val McGuire Westerville, OH

Testimonial – 4 “We have been working with Donna McDonald for a few months now and could not be more pleased. Donna is very professional, patient, and knowledgeable. We are fortunate to be working with her. She is amazing with animals and it seems that she loves our dog, Sofie, as much as she loves her own. Donna has provided us with information on housebreaking, play biting, and crate training, among other things. This is our first experience in working with a trainer and we have learned so much from Donna about consistency and training in these few short months. We always have Donna’s number close by and recommend that you do too.”
David and Lisa Minor – Columbus OH

Testimonial – 5 My husband and I are so grateful that we came into contact with Donna, at the event “Paws in the Plaza” at Creekside in Gahanna. Donna has been working with Magnum, our 7 month old Border Collie Mix, since early June. The sessions at our house provide a relaxed environment where we can practice commands “one on one.” Donna is very patient and knowledgeable. She goes the “extra mile” in assuring us that Magnum is mastering all the commands that are being presented. We value her suggestions and honest opinions. I am so pleased, and pleasantly surprised, that Magnum and I can go on walks now! I don’t have to fear that my hand and fingers will be jerked and swollen from gripping the leash whenever another dog is within a 50 foot radius. There has been a definite improvement in manageability with just 4 lessons! My husband and I are now in control of our (60lb.) puppy , instead of Magnum being in control of us! We couldn’t have done this without Donna. Thank you, Donna                               Carol and Dave Samuel, Gahanna, Ohio  

Testimonial – 6 I called Donna with K-9 Be Good because I had come to a halt in my puppy’s training. I could only teach him so much with treats and simple commands. We had definitely gotten into some bad habits. I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place with a spoiled puppy. Donna came to my home and did a free assessment of Kooper and told me what she felt my family needed. What I appreciated the most about Donna was her ability to listen to the issues I felt were the most important and help me work toward solving those issues step by step. She helped me give my dog the boundaries he needed without treats while having patience teaching me and my family how to give the commands. Since working with Donna, we have had a happier dog and a more well-balanced family dynamic.
Kelly Norris Westerville, OH

Testimonial – 7 We rescued a 2 year old Doberman.  She did know some commands, but I needed to be able to control her on a leash.  We both needed to learn to work together.  Having Donna come to our home has been wonderful.  I love her method of training.  Donna has helped me so much as I need as much training as Zeeva. Since we did not know Zeeva’s background, Donna has given us some key pointers when training Zeeva and she has responed nicely.  Donna’s knowledge of dogs and her patience have won us over.  We continue to work with Donna to help Zeeva and I become a real team.  Thank you.         Christy Weisenstein – Blacklick, OH  

Testimonial – 8 My name is Cindy and I have a 5 month old black lab named Cole, which I got from a friend. He had no commands training and he is very hyper wanting to play all the time. I wrote 3 weeks ago to Donna, who was referred to me by my vet the Gahanna Animal Hospital, and she has been visiting Cole for 2 weeks now. I needed to purchase a prong collar and now Cole listens to my commands inside and outside. He doesn’t pull me when we are outside and he does not bark very much when we are outside. I will continue to use Donna until we can get Cole not so hyper and jumpy. I know he is a puppy and very friendly, but Donna has done amazing work with Cole in the last 2 sessions we have had together. I would refer anyone to her. Thank you so much Donna.
Cindy Price & Cole  Blacklick Ohio  

Testimonial -9 “Donna has been very helpful training my Bichon named Haley.  Haley is very active and Donna has shown me ways to get her calmed down so we can do our training session, including putting Haley on the treadmill.  Donna has made several suggestions that have worked that I wouldn’ have known to try.  Donna is flexible, meeting at my home or having Haley and I go to her house and meeting at a park to walk.  This variety encourages more socialization opportunities and practicing with distractions.  I highly recommend Donna to train your best friend.”
Marsha Stoops – Gahanna OH

Testimonial – 10 I felt so fortunate the evening I found Donna and her two wonderful dogs at an outdoor pet event.  I had been thinking about taking a class to help train my dog since I rescued him 2 years ago.  I was just fearful the dog was not social enough to be with other dogs.  I was so thankful to hear from Donna that I could hire her to come right to my front door to work with my pet.  Her fee is acceptable and very reasonable.  I am retired and this works just fine.  She is a very pleasant professional and I feel lucky to have found someone I like who will work with my pet
Charlotte Rosenfeld, RN – Pickerington, OH

Testimonial  – 11 I would highly recommend K-9 Be Good!  Donna is awesome with my dog, being very patient with Lucy and my family.  She is very flexible with her hours and reliable.  Lucy is always very excited to work with her and has learned a great deal.                                                                                                               Annie Baker – Worthington, OH   Testimonial – 12 My wife and I had the pleasure of inviting Donna and K9begood into our home to train our two puppies. We have two puppies; One is a miniature goldendoodle, and the other is a full size goldendoodle. Needless to say, the experience was truly great in that Donna was able to work with both efficiently, and able to understand each of their personalities. They certainly differ from one another, and Donna was able to point out the differences and what to watch for versus what is normal. The price is also reasonable given she comes to your house and is able to spend personal time with them, versus tending to 10 other different dogs where you often feel slighted. If you’re ‘on the fence’ about a trainer, go ahead and make the leap and give it a try as Donna was easy to work with and understanding on your situation. All-in-all, a great experience and we are glad we did it. We will certainly use Donna again.Thanks again,
Ryan & Beth Armbruster – Westerville,  OH

Testimonial – 13 Just wanted to say Thank you?  I have had to take care of 2 other dogs (dog-sitting) that don’t know how to walk or sit.  Molly stays right by my side, no corrections needed.  All the commands you showed us have come in handy.  Molly was a handful training, but she is doing great now, and it’s all from your help in teaching us as much as  teaching her. Thank you
Eric Lee – Pataskala, OH

Testimonial 14 We called Donna to help us with our 9 month old Jack Russell Terrier/Schnauzer puppy, Dotty.  Dotty was terrorizing the entire hourse jumping on everyone, pulling our hair, biting and trying to escape out the front door.  Nothing we did helped, and we even considered finding her a new home.  Donna had an immediate positive effect on Dotty.  She taught us something new at each lesson, and we practiced during the week.  Donna changed the way we interact with our dog and introduced us to different products that helped us teach Dotty.  Dotty is a different dog now than when we started working with Donna.  She walks nicely, doesn’t jump on people as much, waits at the door to go outside, and doesn’t bite.  She is still a work in progress, but she is getting better every day.  She is such a loving dog!  We couldn’t have done it wothout Donna.  She changed Dotty from a terror to a treasure, and we are extremely grateful for her help.  We would highly recommend Donna to anyone and already have!  Thank you Donna
Mary, Jean, and Bill Lewis – Gahanna

Testimonial 15 I recently adopted a two year old Corgi that had been in foster care for months and needed a lot of attention.  I immediately knew that I would need some help in the retraining process if we were to make this relationship work.  I knew Donna from church and immediately approached her after bringing my new Corgi home.  I learned more from Donna in two training sessions than I knew after having my previous Corgi for 13 years.  I quickly learned that things I have been doing for years were so easily corrected in just a few training sessions.  I also realized that my Corgi actually enjoyed the structure involved in the training sessions and seemed eager to please.  I would highly recommend Donna to help train you and your pet to have a healthy and happy relantionship for years to come.
Lee Brown – Blacklick, OH