5 Week Basic Obedience (given outside when weather permits)
This class is given for a small group (usually 3-7 families) which teaches casual loose leash, sit, heel with auto sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and off. Each dog is evaluated before classes begin. Commands are taught as well as hand signals. This set of commands sets the foundation for all future training. Classes are held on the same day each week. Classes are given outside so this is only done spring, summer, and fall. We actually recommend private training of group lessons so the dog doesn’t have to deal with distractions when it is first learning.

5 Week Advanced Obedience (given outside when weather permits)
This group class refines the basis obedience commands and includes new commands such as sit in motion, down in motion, finish, place, and exercises towards off leash obedience. Practice is done with additional distractions.

4 Week Reinforcement Class “Just for the Fun of It” (given outside) .

This class is given for the owners who have taken our private training. It is adding the distraction of other dogs to the mix.  Exercises and games are used each week to further work the dog on commands taught in the basic obedience class.  Dogs in the class go on a walk together with other owners.  They quickly bond with the dogs in the group and enhance their performance.  This class will often meet at different parks to expose them to different locations.