We take the dog for a 30 – 45 minute power walk reinforcing the heel command, if the dog has been taught heel. This service is mainly to get a dedicated walk in so the dog gets some exercise that day. The dog is also given a chance to relieve itself, so this could help out the owner during the day. This walk gives dedicated exercise for the dog and can be done while the owner is working if so desired. Owners can take this opportunity to not have to come straight home from work to let their dog out. We will try to come for the session around the owner’s preference of time. This can be done regularly each week or just once in awhile when the owner needs someone to let the dog out.

This service can also be used for a puppy who can’t hold themselves all day yet.  The walk is then slower and the we are mainly working on the puppy to enjoy walking.  We usually have a little play time in that 30-45 minute walk as well.  It is hard for a young puppy to hold themselves a full 6-8 hours and this can be done about at the half way point of the day.