OUR MISSION: To provide a customized training program that results In a happy confident and obedient dog with satisfied owners. K-9 Be Good, LLC has the goal to open the line of communication between owners and their dog through quality obedience training. We believe that obedience training is your dog’s education and sound communication enhances your family’s relationship with your dog. A trained dog is happier because it is challenged mentally, and it understands someone else is in charge. Whether you have a new puppy, an adopted dog or an older dog, K-9 Be Good, LLC can help you. We offer a variety of services that are tailored to meet you and your pet’s lifestyle needs. Training is the best way to establish a healthy relationship with your dog.

K-9 Be Good, LLC is based out of Blacklick Ohio. Donna McDonald is the President and lead trainer at K-9 Be Good, LLC. She trained at National K-9 School for Dog Trainers which is a professional school approved by the “Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools.” She successfully completed the Obedience/Behavior and Master Trainer Courses and is a Certified Professional Trainer. Donna received endorsements in:

• Basic and Advanced Obedience

• Tracking

• Behavior Modification

• Scent Detection

• Puppy Development

• Assistance Dog Training

• Retrieval

• Utility

She is a member of IACP and NK9KTA. These two organizations keep her up to date on new leading practices in dog training. Donna loves dogs of all ages and enjoys working with them along with training their owners. She has two dogs of her own and a cat. She believes that training is the best way to establish a healthy relationship with your dog. Training gives dedicated time to your dog which they will look forward to each day. Owners will notice that their dog will gain pride through training and problems with their dogs will often disappear.


Our training approach is based on a balanced scale using proper communication through effective praise, motivation, and correction. Proper communication with each dog is done with commands and hand signals. Most training is done without the use of treats. Dogs love to be praised and this is what we use for a reward. We ask our clients to be willing to give at least 10-15 minutes twice a day to focus on training with their dog, in order to commit to making these changes part of a new lifestyle. More practice is always better, but consistency is the key. Your dog will enjoy the dedicated time you spend with him/her. We ask that everyone in the family over the age of 12 participate in the dog’s training. We encourage each family member to practice with the dog using the same commands and hand signals.

Owners will be educated on the necessary tools, handling skills and aspects of dog behavior that will give a greater understanding in the training process and help their dog succeed in fulfilling their potential.

In private lessons each dog is evaluated and a training program individually developed based on their personality, aptitude for learning, social development, behavior, past training, along with needs, and goals of the owner. If you have specific issues or your dog doesn’t get along well with others then private lessons are recommended over group classes.

In group classes each dog is evaluated and a training method developed to teach each participant the commands set for the class. Group classes are set up to have no more than 6 or 7 dogs at one time. Group classes last approximately 1 hour and are usually given outside. Owners get a chance to be outside and their dogs have built in distractions. Group classes are the next step after in home training.

Exercising is always good for your dog if there are no health issues. It is recommended to take your dog for a walk before class begins. The dog gets exercise and me time before training even starts. Obedience training increases your dog’s confidence and makes the time you spend with your dog more enjoyable. Relax and Enjoy the training!!!