We start out by doing an Evaluation of your pup. This usually cost $40. This is held in your home and takes about one hour.  We are looking to see how the pup relates to his/her environment and the family members.  We ask a lot of questions about the dog’s habits so the best dog training plan can be put together.  We also teach the dog a couple of commands to get  him/her started. Then a plan is developed which is for 5 weeks of training unless more time is needed. The training will include Basic Obedience and work on any behavioral problems. The cost depends on what is needed in the plan and travel time. Each week is at your house except for the last when we meet at a park.  Each private training session is 1 hour long and they can be scheduled to accommodate the owners schedule.


We also have a new 4 week group class has been developed as a reinforcement of Basic Obedience along with practicing manners. The class  adds distractions like other dogs, people, and favorite toys/treats and they might see some ducks. This class is called, “Just for the Fun of It”. The class is good for clients who have taken our in-home private Basic Obedience lessons. The class will have exercises and games which reinforce sit, down, stay, leave it, come, heel, and finish. We will also practice manners around other dogs. Each class will have from 3-6 dogs in it.  Call or email for more details after taking The In Home Basic Obedience 5 week class.

Need at least three dogs to have a class.

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