Instructor takes the dog for a 30 – 45 minute casual walk reinforcing the commands taught in past lessons. This can be done during the day while the owner is working if so desired. It also can be used on a day when the owner is going to be late getting home and needs someone to let the dog out. The dog gets some exercise and practice. We don’t teach the dog anything he/she doesn’t already know.  We can work on problem areas too.

This shouldn’t be used in place of the owner working with the dog. It is very important for everyone in the household above 9 years of age to work with them while they are learning.

This service can be used while the owner is on vacation.  The dog get the reinforcement of the learned commands while the owners are away. The pup is ready to go forward and learn new things when the owner returns.  We also can pick the dog up from a kennel and work with it while you are gone.