In-Home Private Training for puppies 16 weeks of age to adulthood is the best way to train a dog. This individual training gives one on one instruction to the owner and companion based on the developed plan especially for them. The dog doesn’t have to deal with distractions of other dogs, at first, while learning the commands. An evaluation is done on the dog in his/her surroundings before any training begins. The instructor spends about 1 hour observing the dog and asking the owner questions about him/her. At that time a training plan is structured for the needs and goals of the owner. Every dog will receive individualized training based on his/her personality, social development, past and present behavior, and aptitude for learning. Basic obedience is the foundation for most training.Other training needs might include house breaking, advanced obedience, problem issues, e-collar training, soft mouth retrieval, scent detection, assistance training or exercising needs such as using the treadmill. A good use of soft mouth retrieval is having your companion have a daily job of retrieving the newspaper from the driveway. 

Basic obedience includes loose leash, heel, automatic sit, down, off, leave it, sit at the side, stay, come, manners are the door, place, and finish. Advanced obedience includes refining basic obedience commands, sit in motion, down in motion, and  exercises towards off leash training. A training plan usually consists of a 5-6 week training program.  It is advisable to schedule the lessons 7-10 days apart. Each lesson is scheduled one at a time at the convenience of the owner. This type of training is based on the planning of the instructor and the goals of the owner. We just ask that the owner dedicate time to work with their dog each week between classes. The more time given the better understanding your dog will have of the command. The training also teaches the owner how to tap into their dog’s desire to please. Obedience training increases your dog’s confidence and makes the time you spend with your dog more enjoyable.  The dog learns that the owner is his/her leader and aims to please.  We motivate the dog with praise and encouragement.