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New Born puppies

Puppies are always cute, but it is fun to watch them grow up. Puppies can’t see, ear or smell  when they are first born. Their eyes open at about day 8 and ears at about day 13. They develop their sense of smell at three weeks. There pigment is pink at first and turns after a few days. The temperature around them must be kept at 85-90 degrees.

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3 & 4 Week Old

Puppies are watched carefully the first two weeks and we sleep on the sofa beside them to make sure mom doesn’t lay on them. We weigh them daily to make make sure their weights increase and they nurse well. Puppies teeth begin to erupt they are three weeks.  They start becoming aware of their environment.  They start to discriminate where to relieve themselves.  We start to wean them at 4 weeks of age.

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5 Week Old

Puppies start to show personality around this time frame. This is a good time to introduce other people to them.  They start having rapid growth at this age.

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7 & 9 Week Old

Seven week old puppies like to play and get into things. Puppies need to be well socialized and also spend time with their litter mates. We like them to stay with their litter mates until 8 weeks of age. At eight weeks they can start learning their name.

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Golden Doodle  Gallery

Goldendoodle puppies are fun to watch grow. The litter born 12-6-09 had 4 girls and 3 boys and they are all off white. The pictures are of them at 6 months to 1 1/2 year of age. Their names are Bentley, Sofie, Charlie, Cody, Bailey, Maddy, and Abby..
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Mom & Dad

Mom (Meka) is 34 lbs and Dad (Pringles) is 12 lbs

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